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Group of Khmer children enjoyed their play in the village pond that is full of lotus flowers by rowing their boat

This is one of the normal scene when you travel to the country side for the outskirts of Phnom Penh areas. The greater Phnom Penh areas provide us a unique opportunity where Nokor Khmer-Khmer country, offers endless potential to the visitors both local and international travellers.

Calm Morning Alms Collection by Group of Monks Walking Pass the Paddy Rice

In the past almost Khmer men had to pass the monk hood based on the belief that they could pay their gratitude to their parents and on the ground that they would become well-educated people. They did that because those days, there were not enough schools and teachers.

The Business of Cycling in Cambodia is Going Down from Day to Day

Seeing the number of cyclists in Phnom Penh are decreasing, visitors to Cambodia wish to test and try their experiences with cycling around Phnom Penh city. Without their support, this traditional cyclos would have not existed as of today since more and more local are not using this traditional transport. Thanks to tourists and those preservatives who continue to support, dozens of old men could earn their decent living.

Go to Sihanouk Ville, Seaside Beach, My Friends, Friends of Nokor Khmer

Sihanouk Ville offers you one of the best seaside stay in South East Asia. Its white beach is best known as one of the nicest beach in the world. Go before its beauty is spoiled by too crowded visitors.

Phnom Penh, a Charming and Heart of Cambodia

Phnom Penh experienced million of changes ranging from the Pearl City in the region to the ghost city during the bad time. In modern day, Phnom Penh witnessed quite similar number of cases and angles of life, killing of normal citizens, journalists, Government critics, to the growth and prosperity like the increase of housing apartments and outdoors recreational parks.

23 February, 2018

Typical Cambodian Transportation Means--A Collection

23 February 2018
Chea Sophal

This is a collection of photos on different transportation means used by Cambodia.

Unsafe practice of transporting heavy road roller.  They thought that by putting a few piles of stone or hard soil could prevent the road roller from falling.  

Garment/Footwear Workers Standing in the Truck Traveling Back and Forth between their home and factories.  It is a high risk for them traveling everyday for long distance since there were a lot of avoidable car crashes resulting from drunken driver, over speed, and bad conditions of truck.

Imagine if  they continue to work overtime 2 to 4 hours on sometime after 8 working hours and they had to stand hanging themselves for another one to two hours before reaching home.  They must have been exhausted of work and traveling routinely like that. Hope one day, there are alternatives for them to travel and choose.

Safety is not the first priority.  This is trash collector in one of the province.  The men who were trash collectors found themselves conveniently laying on the carton trash.  Hope the driver was not speeding up. 

Hope they could make the trip through since it looked like it was really overloaded.

Truck carrying timber.  I am not sure which national road it is.  The truck was a self-integration of crane to lift up the timber by itself.  The photo was taken in 2013.

With modern development in the temporary culture, some of the pottery sellers upgraded their transportation means from using ox cart to using motorbike trailer (remok) or truck carrying pottery.  However, the concepts of over loading is still there since they also travel from province to province to sell all of these. 

From ancient time to now, the pottery makers always traveled from province to province to sell their pottery.  In order to do so, they need to make shoes for their cow and practiced wearing the shoes.  This is because those cows and ox carts need to travel for a very long distance sometime two weeks or a month until they finished selling their pottery.  You could still witness one day when you visit Cambodia and observe the feet of the cow when traveling on national road or paved road. 

A man on motorbike transporting lots and lots of vegetables and groceries crossing the Cambodia-Vietnam border.  This is a useful transport of vegetables since Cambodia imports more vegetables from Vietnam although the country is an agricultural one. 

This is how most Cambodian bananas sellers transport their bananas in order not to spoil the quality and color.  Below are those bananas when they go ripe.  These bananas could be damaged easily and their color would become spotted and no one would buy.

It is just amazing on such a creativity of transporting these long and lots of bamboos.  I could hardly imagine if it were me to transport all of these.

The man could travel with the motorbike as long as he could sell all of these cooking pots, pans, and cookers.  He spends days and nights from one province to another.

I am not sure how the man would move forward with the block of big pile of rotten products. Perhaps, woman sitting on the top would give the signal of going straight, right or left. I believe.

In general, boys in Cambodia help raising the cattle and buffalo in the village after their school time. They always ride their buffalo or cow.

Man using bicycle to carry different household handicraft such as house spirit hanger, rotten tray, cooker pad, and long broom. 

Two men were traveling along national road 4 close to Preah Sihanouk Town, a seaside province. 

08 February, 2018

Report shows little sign of improvement at factories

A Better Factories Cambodia report shows little improvement in the continued use of short-term contracts and safety and health conditions for workers at surveyed factories, with total compliance of all exporting factories still stuck at less than 50 percent.

The International Labour Organisation’s compliance program conducts annual surveys of garment and footwear exporting factories, covering 395 of the 558 enterprises registered with Better Factories Cambodia (BFC).
Factories’ compliance with 21 critical criteria has increased from 30 to 46 percent since public reporting was introduced by the BFC in 2014.

25 January, 2018

Report shows little sign of improvement at factories

The Phnom Penh Post
and | Publication date 25 January 2018 | 09:53 ICT
A Better Factories Cambodia report shows little improvement in the continued use of short-term contracts and safety and health conditions for workers at surveyed factories, with total compliance of all exporting factories still stuck at less than 50 percent.

Working conditions improving in garment factories: ILO

January 24, 2018
May Kunmakara / Khmer Times  

A report released Tuesday by Better Factories Cambodia (BFC), a programme of the International Labour Organisation, found that compliance in the garment industry with working conditions regulations has improved substantially in the last four year.
The report is an assessment of BFC’s transparency programme, a publically available overview of the performance of the garment sector based on 21 critical factors.

18 November, 2017

Statement by the Press Secretary on Setbacks to Democracy in Cambodia

The White House
Office of the Press Secretary
For Immediate Release

Statement by the Press Secretary on Setbacks to Democracy in Cambodia

The United States expresses grave concern about the Cambodian government’s dissolution of the country’s main opposition party, the Cambodia National Rescue Party (CNRP), based on meritless and politicized allegations that it participated in a conspiracy to overthrow the government. It is becoming increasingly evident to the world that the Cambodian government’s restrictions on civil society, suppression of the press, and banning of more than 100 opposition leaders from political activities have significantly set back Cambodia’s democratic development and placed its economic growth and international standing at risk.

The United States will take concrete steps to respond to the Cambodian government’s deeply regrettable actions. As a first step, we will terminate support for the Cambodian National Election Committee and its administration of the upcoming 2018 national election. On current course next year’s election will not be legitimate, free, or fair.

The Cambodian government still has time to reverse course. We call on the Royal Government of Cambodia to undo its recent actions against the CNRP, release imprisoned CNRP leader Kem Sokha, and allow opposition parties, civil society, and the media to maintain their legitimate activities.