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Group of Khmer children enjoyed their play in the village pond that is full of lotus flowers by rowing their boat

This is one of the normal scene when you travel to the country side for the outskirts of Phnom Penh areas. The greater Phnom Penh areas provide us a unique opportunity where Nokor Khmer-Khmer country, offers endless potential to the visitors both local and international travellers.

Calm Morning Alms Collection by Group of Monks Walking Pass the Paddy Rice

In the past almost Khmer men had to pass the monk hood based on the belief that they could pay their gratitude to their parents and on the ground that they would become well-educated people. They did that because those days, there were not enough schools and teachers.

The Business of Cycling in Cambodia is Going Down from Day to Day

Seeing the number of cyclists in Phnom Penh are decreasing, visitors to Cambodia wish to test and try their experiences with cycling around Phnom Penh city. Without their support, this traditional cyclos would have not existed as of today since more and more local are not using this traditional transport. Thanks to tourists and those preservatives who continue to support, dozens of old men could earn their decent living.

Go to Sihanouk Ville, Seaside Beach, My Friends, Friends of Nokor Khmer

Sihanouk Ville offers you one of the best seaside stay in South East Asia. Its white beach is best known as one of the nicest beach in the world. Go before its beauty is spoiled by too crowded visitors.

Phnom Penh, a Charming and Heart of Cambodia

Phnom Penh experienced million of changes ranging from the Pearl City in the region to the ghost city during the bad time. In modern day, Phnom Penh witnessed quite similar number of cases and angles of life, killing of normal citizens, journalists, Government critics, to the growth and prosperity like the increase of housing apartments and outdoors recreational parks.

30 November, 2016

The formula against sexual harassment

The formula against sexual harassment

If she’s your sister?

Seven colours underwear

The video that won the Why Stop 2016 video competition, called ‘Seven-colour underwear’

‘Why Stop’ – Stop Sexual Harassment

Different forms of sexual harassment
Sexual harassment: What is it?

20 October, 2016

Labour Inspectors Network in Cambodia: Nutrition Does Matter- Life of Garment Workers in ...

Labour Inspectors Network in Cambodia: Nutrition Does Matter- Life of Garment Workers in ...: Cases of garment workers fainted in the factory are growing remarkably in the past two years. From the interview, we find out that o...

The Cambodia Daily in Khmer

RFI in Khmer

Radio Free Asia in Khmer